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Royston, BC, Canada

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Marlee Rae studied at Capilano College, North Vancouver where she graduated with a diploma from the Studio Art Program in 2009. She then carried on to receive a Visual Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver in 2012. Upon graduating she has completed many commission pieces for customers, managed a ceramics studio in West Vancouver and worked as a gallery assistant at CVAG. She now resides in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. In September 2018 she returned back to school taking Communication Design and Interactive Media two year program at North Island Collage.

“I am an artist. I can’t be anything else. No matter where I am or who I’m with, I am creating or thinking about creating. I am the designer of my life.


In a world where we can see into artists' studios and watch their process online it is hard not to be influenced from others. My process begins with gathering. I scroll through others artwork, pulling together my photos and artists images, seeing what I like and what techniques I want to try. I enjoy going for walks and noticing patterns in my environment while getting lost in thoughts of composition and colour palette. Once I have a collection of inspiring bits I start piecing them together, using some of this and that until it shifts and changes into my own vision. The whole process thrills me, I think about it, I dream about it and my fingers itch to get back at it when I walk away. It is incredibly satisfying to turn nothing into something. I might really enjoy a colour combination or specific imagery and I will explore it over and over again. Eventually I burn out of that topic and move on to the next taking what I learned from the last with me. 

Currently, after working for many years with landscapes, I am creating on a body of work that explores the female body. I am interested in masculine and feminine relationships, positive and negative space and how we relate to our environments by using organic and geometric shapes. Since returning to school for graphic design my approach to painting has become more minimal. I have lately been enjoying breaking down an image into it’s basic shapes, saying everything with as little as possible.”